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Our unique strength in engineering sets us apart. We’ve helped clients through complicated and “impossible” manufacturing problems with sports equipment, housing improvements, spa components, aeronautic pieces, and so much more.

Important to note, it is not uncommon for an experienced product team to present a design for production and be thoroughly impressed with the in-depth feedback on ways to cut cuts, improve product quality, prevent defects, strengthen the end-product’s purpose, or prevent eventual product failure points from an engineering/production standpoint.

For example, one client gave our team a polystyrene piece for production and we gave them a quote for the requested piece while also providing an alternative quote to foam fill the end piece as a complete assembled product. The foam-filling end-piece alternative eliminated their cost of final assembly and improved the adhesion of the final pieces—lowered costs, reduced final product delivery time, and improved product quality.

Another customer, a tank manufacturer, had us cut a design with the o-ring on the side. Our engineers feedback impressed their engineers. He showed how the horizontal o-ring will lead to an eventual leak under varying temperatures and material shifting, while a vertically-placed o-ring would eliminate this product weakness entirely.

We trust our engineers to not only know how to make your product, but to also provide feedback on how to provide the very best, most cost-effective end-product that you hope to deliver to customers. Additionally, our team’s experience with multiple engineering tools and CAM/CAD softwares allows them to work with you on the exact modifications you need to get the product you want.

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