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Confidently actualize and engineer your ideations

Spa Step

Patterns, Plugs, Molds

Expertly shape and create your next design

Profile Wrapping

Production & Fabrication

Efficiently produce and fabricate small to large, easy to complex

Our Team

DMOC's story begins in 1996 when a pioneering navy engineer and craftsman set out to deliver a superior engineering and manufacturing experience to clients like you.

The DMOC team began CNC machining and quickly became the trusted go-to experts for 5-axis jobs, the "unsolvable" complicated projects, engineer and design support, reliably quality, and friendly customer service. Now with 20 year experience, this enthusiastic group brings the broad and deep expertise you need to succeed.


Our mission is simple: we want to spoil our clients with quality, timely, and cost-effective CNC manufacturing. We meet your goals and support your projects with a proven systems approach, sense of pride, and first-class performance you’ll struggle to find elsewhere.

We do not claim to be all things to all customers, but we take pride in being the best, most precise, timely, and cost-effective machine shop in our specialization, and we deliver.


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