We’ve learned that at the heart of customer service is a quality product, delivered on-time. We deliver quality products, on-time, and we do so with a smile on our face. We hope that each of our clients is so pleased with our quality, that they continue to return, trusting that we’ll deliver the highest quality available machining and engineering services available.

How do we deliver quality?

First, we deliver quality through one of the best trained and most skilled teams you’ll find in Southern California—no checklist will compensate for a lack of skill, competency, and experience, plain and simple.

Second, we’ve started dedicating processes and staff to overseeing quality. With defined responsibilities, a clear quality assurance plan, controls, inspections, and the proper equipment, we support the delivery of accurate and complete products. Below is a list of inspection equipment currently utilized by our team:

  • Romer Absolute CMM Arm and Laser Scanner
  • API tracking laser

Third, we can accommodate individual quality requests. For example, we can utilize the above equipment to provide FAI (first article inspection) reports and provide quality checks prior to product leaving our warehouse; saving time and improving delivery of verified products only.

Lastly, as frosting on the cake, we support a quality team, quality procedures, quality metrology equipment, and quality reporting with the certifications/registrations that substantiate our claim to quality—even though we believe our proof is in the pudding:

  • US Government CCR cage code 5B5Q8
  • Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB)
  • HubZone Registered